Iran Holds the ‘Ninth Game Development Experience’

Ninth Game Development Experience’ was held on September 9, 2016, to exchange views and experiences on game development.

Third Iranian Indie Game developers Festival Kicked off

The Third Iranian Indie Game Developers Festival has officially kicked off.

Iranian Gamers set off to World Championship

Champions of, IGL 2016 will be set off to France for Video Games World Cup 2016.,

Game Industry Job Creation Facilitated

Gaming industry employment website,, which was announced earlier as one of the visions of the Iranian Computer and Video Games Foundation, has been run on trial.

International Version of “Parvaneh” to Be Released

The international version of one of Iran’s most outstanding video games, “Parvaneh; Legacy of the Light’s Guardians”, will be available on Steam soon.

Iran’s Game Industry: Essential Facts and Key Players

Iran Computer & Video Games Foundation has published a comprehensive book about Iranian game market.

The Swedish Player won the Championship of the First IRAN IGL 2016

The Swedish Player Becomes the Champion of the first IGL international League, hosted by Iran.

Game Industry Heavyweights Eye Iran's Market

Iran’s Computer & Video Games Foundation has inked an agreement with France’s Game Connection to pave the way for the arrival of global game industry heavyweights to the Iranian market.

Iran honors Top “Level UP” Contestants

August 10 marked the closing ceremony of the one-month long “level UP” game development event.

Investment on Video Games Development to Increase

Iran’s National Video Games Foundation, the Labor Ministry, and UNIDO, have signed an MoU on development of video games and animations in the country.

Iran attends in Gamescom 2016 Cologne Exhibition

Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation participates in the Europe’s biggest trade fair for interactive games and entertainment, Gamescom.

23 million Iranians (15 percent of the whole population) are game player

23 million of Iranians (approximately15 percent of the whole Iranian population) are used to play computer games regularly.

Iran video games league 2016 Begins

The Iran video games league (IGL2016) for FIFA and PES is launched

The first issue of the online journal of digital game, “Game Studies: Insights”, published

The Digital Game Research Center (DIREC) of the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation plans a monthly journal, “Game Studies: Insights”, in which each issue is devoted to a specific topic related to computer games.

The National Plan for Computer Games in Iran

The National Plan for Computer Games in Iran is a comprehensive plan to boost the market for the Iranian games industry, which was drafted by the country’s High Council for Cyberspace and endorsed by the President in 2015. The plan is devised to support, supervise, amend regulations, commercialize and boost the game industry, and the duties of the departments of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding these objectives have been described in it, as well.

Statistical market research of Iranian game market(over 23 Million Players)

this report is a statistical market research of the video game industry in Iran. game development industry is one of the main lines of development in IT for Iran whose advancement will eventually lead to economic growth, creation of jobs and more employment opportunities. In other sense, considering the media effect of this industry, different sections in the country accompany this industry in developing its comprehensive planning.

Population, Demographics and internet users

a general overview of Iran; providing demographics and internet penetration statistics.In 2014, Iran’s GDP was 404.1 billion dollar. It is 18th largest economy in the world in terms of GDP. 64% of Iran’s populations are under 35 years old. Iran is ranked as an upper-middle income economy by the world bank. Iran is ranked 10th in the historic attractions and 5th in ecotourism.

General Culture Council of Iran approved The Iran age rating system for computer and console games (ESRA)

Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance- has approved the ESRA (Entertainment Software Rating Association).