About us

Video games have significant effects on different social age groups in terms of cultural, scientific and educational growth and improvement, as well as enriching their leisure time. Due to this significance, and considering the growing need for planning in development of proper video games, as well as, identification and organizing the elites of this field seems to be of the highest priority, which led to the establishment of the Iran Computer & Video Games Foundation in 2007 whose main objective is to plan for and support the cultural, artistic, technical and business activities in the Iranian game industry.


  • Explanation, empowerment and promotion of cultural and educational basics through this industry’s special impressions towards children and teenagers.
  • Full support of existing capacity of the industry in the country with the approach of localization of the products and empowerment of domestic production.
  • Support and monitoring of the expansion in production, supply, import, export, preparation and distribution of various types of computer & video games.
  • Providing the industry with the technical knowledge and its dependent equipment and facilities in all fields of activity and in different frameworks of hardware and software.

Main activities:

  • Macro planning of Iran’s gaming industry with regards to the social and educational aspects of games.
  • Formulation of supporting policies for development, import, export and distribution of computer games with the help of the private sector
  • Making use of domestic and global opportunities to improve the Video gaming industry.
  • Codification of necessary standards for quality control of imported and exported computer games.
  • Reservation of rights for both producers and users of video games.
  • Planning and supporting for implementation of education and research courses and workshops with the objective of amplification of theoretical and practical efficiency in the video game industry.
  • Creation of opportunities of growth and prosperity of the young in the entertainment and gaming industry.
  • Implementation of domestic gaming events, conferences and festivals, active attendance in regional and global events.
  • Creation of competition opportunities in scientific, technical, cultural and artistic aspects of game development with the objective of improving the quality of the industry.
  • Development of international cooperation in video game industry.