New Members of Iran Game Development Institute Introduced

Due to the new courses and classes designed to be taught in the Iran Game Development Institute as the first Iranian educational center for video games, some changes were made to the scientific committee of the institution.

Gamescom at its peak or in decline?

Gamescom was first held in 2009 in Cologne, Germany. The 2018 edition of the event will be held from 21–25 August for the 10th consecutive year.


Welcome to another edition of Time of Events, home to the little-known games events! Today we welcome the Tehran Game Convention 2018.

The second Digital Games Research Conference will be International

On Monday morning of July 8, an agreement was signed between Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation and Iran Broadcasting University.

Footballers’ Appreciation Infographic: FIFA vs. PES

This infographic, compiled based on a survey conducted by the Digital Games Research Center, shows that in Iran, over the course of last year, PES had a bigger audience than FIFA.

The official meeting of the scientific committee of the second Digital Games Research report

On Tuesday, July 24, the introduction meeting of the members for the second international Digital Games Research Conference was held in the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation’s building. The ...

Second round of game making event, “Level Up” kicked off!

Yesterday, July 2, saw the opening of the second round of the video gaming event Level Up, by a press conference and with presence of Hassan Karimi Qodusi, CEO of Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation with members of Fan Afzar studio.

Iranian game Linn won the top award of AppLovin

Linn, a game by Fanoos, which was submitted into the Casual Connect 2018 in London, succeeded in winning the top award of AppLovin that is given out to independent games.

Three basic strategies for the success of Iranian games in domestic as well as global markets

In the opening speech of the TGC 2018, the director of the National Computer Games Foundation described three strategies of the Foundation to help the Iranian games to be successful in the domestic and international markets.

Iranian game developers should be inspired by their rich and great culture

Geogrify's CEO and former director of International Game Developers Association (IGDA) has advised Iranian game developers to embrace their abilities and rich culture rather than focusing on limitations and hindrances.

 The Most Signifcant Information of Digital Games Consumption in Iran

The Landscape Report 2018 is an abstract of national survey results that have conducted by DIREC at the beginning of 2018.

Footprints of Iranian video games in Gamescom

11 Bit Studios, a world-renown Polish developer and publisher, will publish Iranian game, Children of Morta for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

 30 percent of revenue from app development in Iran goes to game developers

The Minister of Communications said: “30 percent of the revenues coming from app development in Iran, goes to game developers”.

The video games foundations of Iran, Turkey and Russia to hold meeting in Turkey’s GIST.

Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation will participate in Turkey’s video game exhibit called GIST. This exhibit will be held from 1 to 4 February at Istanbul.

The conference of Research on Digital Games: the statistical aspect

The closing ceremony for the first conference of Research on Digital Games was held on 3 Azar at Iran University of Science and Technology.

Hayoola, the portal for authorized publish of local and foreign digital games, officially unveiled!

Fan Afzaar, developer of games like Garshasp and Shadow Blade, unveiled its own online shopping platform for Iranian and foreign PC games, on the domain of

46 percent of the Iranian gamer population are Iranian students

The new data shows that video games as a pastime are very common among Iranian students and nearly half of Iranian students play games often.

two Iranian games found their way to the nominated list of the Ludicious international festival of Switzerland

After the eye-catching success of Iranian games at the IMGA MENA, now there are two Iranian games shining in the selected list of the jury for the Ludicious international festival of Switzerland.