Iran Computer & Video Games Foundation has published a comprehensive book about Iranian game market. This book introduces more than 60 companies and organizations in different areas of the game industry, therefore, provides important information for foreign investors. Some titles of this book are structure of Iranian Gaming Industry, Leading Organizations, Key Players, Invest in Iran, and Road to TGC (Tehran Game Convention).

Key players’ part introduces active Iranian companies in game development, publishing, education, art & animation and key android markets, service providers, accelerators & incubators and organizations & communities.

"Iran has around 23 million gamers aged 3 to 40 years old based on a recent study the Iran Computer and Video Game Foundation carried out in 2016. This makes the Iranian market the number one market in the Middle East by an insane margin! More than one fourth of Iran’s population plays video games. The cost of developing games in Iran is lower, compared to other countries in the region and this makes it a good place for investment. Currently more than 140 game development companies  are active in Iran focusing on developing mobile and PC game,” from the back cover.

The book was presented to Gamescom2016 visitors in Germany for the first time. It can be downloaded here.

Iran's Game Industry

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