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Service Introduction

Iran Game Development Institute was founded by the Iran Computer Games Foundation, in order to train the human resources specializing in computer-related fields.

Iran Game Development Institute  has three technical, artistic and design departments, and in each of these three areas, designing educational programs adapted from the world-class texts of the day and using professors and experienced staff, the apprenticeship courses needed to train the required human resources The gaming industry.

In addition, given that computer games are not separate from other branches of digital science and art, Iran Game Development Institute organizes courses, workshops and events in the fields of digital science and arts.

At Iran Game Development Institute, the most prominent game makers and game professors and digital arts are teaching and mentoring scholars.

Service Structure 

The main activity of the Institute is focused on teaching in three branches of art in games, game programming and game design. The three independent departments are responsible for planning and training them. The necessary coordination between the departments to improve the quality level and the up-to-date training, taking into account the changes that are taking place in the arts and crafts industry, are implemented through the Institute's Board of Education.

Art in the game includes these courses:

1- Two-dimensional imaging

2- 3D modeling

3- Two-dimensional animation

4- 3D animation

Game programming includes the courser of Game programming with Unity 3D engine.

The game design includes the course of .Computer Games Design