Speaker Application Registration for the International Exhibition, TGC Begins

TGC, the first international trade exhibition in the video games industry in Iran, invites those internationally and locally active in the industry to come speak at our convention conferences.

20% Early registration discount

Early registration with 20 percent discount begins for Tehran Game Convention, Iran’s first B2B games exhibition.


The attendee registration for Tehran Game Convention begins on 15 January

Game Developers Break Record at the 6th Games Festival in Tehran

Reception for this year’s festival was unprecedented and in total 205 works, including 187 games and 18 game scripts were submitted.

Russia’s White Nights Conference Partners with Iran’s TGC

With the official signing of an agreement with the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation, White Nights have partnered with Iran’s TGC exhibition.

6th Tehran Video Games Festival Begins

December 6, 2016, marks the beginning of Iran’s official Video Games Festival.

Latest Edition of "Iran’s Game Industry: Essential Facts and Key Players "  Published

The latest edition of Iranian Video Game Industry: Essential Facts and Key Players, has been published and includes information from companies who didn’t make it in the first edition.

7% of the entire country was playing Clash of Clans in 2015

DIREC, released a report called, “Clash of Clans: Popularly Unpopular,” which shows in the year 2015, 7% of the population in the country where busy playing this game.

Iran shares 1.2 million $ of the world digital game export

The first official report on the situation of Iranian international video game exports has been published by the Digital Game Research Center (DIREC).

 3 Iranian game companies present at Game Connection Europe 2016 event

Under the full support of the Iran Computer & Video Games Foundation, 3 Iranian game publishers are present at Game Connection 2016 in Paris.

Gamesconnection CEO evaluates Iranian game developers

Mr. Pierre Carde, the CEO of Connection Events has travelled to Iran in order to assess Iranian game developers.

GIST serves as the official partner of TGC exhibition

Iran and Turkey have entered a new stage of cooperation in game industry. An official agreement between TGC convention Iran and GIST exhibition Turkey has been signed.

Iranian game developers ready for GITEX 2016

The 36th technology week is being held in 16-20 October 2016, in Dubai World Trade Centre .

Iran hosts Chinese game developers

Iranian game developers have a very special opportunity to interact with Chinese companies during CTW.

TGC Agreement between IRCG and Connection Events assigned

The first international agreement between Iran Computer and Video Game Foundation (IRCG) and the French company, Connection Events, has been assigned.

Effects of Digital Games on Learning

The second issue of ‘Game Studies’, an electronic magazine published by the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation has focused on the effects of digital games on learning.

Iran Holds the ‘Ninth Game Development Experience’

Ninth Game Development Experience’ was held on September 9, 2016, to exchange views and experiences on game development.

Third Iranian Indie Game developers Festival Kicked off

The Third Iranian Indie Game Developers Festival has officially kicked off.