Iranian games will be exported

Iranian games will be exported

According to Department of Communications and International Affairs, following the agreement with Mobin Van Kish, the expansion of Iranian game exports and the presence of Iranian game developers in international markets will be facilitated.

The ceremony of signing the investment fund contract was held in the field of computer games.

The signing ceremony for the creation of the largest computer games investment fund of 30 billion tomans was held between the three companies and the participation of Sayed Sadegh Pejman, CEO of the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation.

Teens play the Gulf petrochemical industry

Following a joint meeting between game developers and the Persian Gulf petrochemical industry, five initial plans were presented and reviewed by five teams and a gaming company to develop a computer game in the petrochemical industry field.

Start the first course of game development management

The National Institute of game development, holds the first specialized game development management course in collaboration with Sharif University of Technology at the Industrial Engineering Department.

Serious Games Prize (SeGaP) 2019

Serious Games Prize (SeGaP) is held annually by the Iran Computer Games Foundation and every year it attracts sponsorships around the world.

The Cognitive Neuroscience of Digital Games

I'm a game user experience (UX) strategist, former Director of UX at Epic Games (Fortnite), today working in freelance (consultant)

Children and teenagers comprise the majority of Iranian mobile game players

Mobile games have reserved a great share of the video game markets for themselves and the majority of the revenue generated by the industry, comes from the breakout user generating nature of these games

What Games Do Iranian Mobile Gamers Play?

It’s safe to say that the growth of mobile games that has reached new heights in the year 2017, is having a considerable effects on the industry as a whole

Online Trivia Games Heat on the Rise

Trivia games are competitive games based on general information. As the online communities developed, we saw a surge in trivia-based games. In recent years, Iranian developers have wetted their feet in the vast sea of trivia games and have been able to generate a strong following ever since.

Iranian developers made history by receiving 8 of the 12 awards!

The results for IMGA Mena are in and it’s safe to say that the big piece of the pie has gone to Iranian developers with 8 out of 12 big awards handed to them.

“Culture and economy of video games must meet on a common ground” Salehi said.

The Minister of Culture and Islamic guidance said on the third meeting of the Coordination Council of Video Games: “in the field of video games, especially in the areas of economy and culture, some common ground must be established, with the opinions of other governmental bodies taken into account.”

Special discount for Iranian developers to attend GIST exhibit

GIST, Turkey’s biggest public and commercial exhibit in the field of video games, has started providing Iranian developers and the visitors of TGC with discount codes to attend the event, starting with last year.

12 Iranian games, nominated for The Best Game title of IMGA MENA

The final nominees for the third International Mobile Gaming Awards of Middle East and North Africa (IMGA MENA) are announced, and between them, twelve Iranian games can be seen.

92 percent of Tehranians play on their mobile phones

The “Tehran, Game City” report, is a study in the most important usage information of video gamers in the metropolitan city of Tehran up to the end of the year 1396 (March of 2018).

A Comprehensive Report about Tehrani Gamers

“Tehran, Game City” is a report about the consumption of digital video games in the five main districts of Tehran (capital of Iran) including the north, south, east, west and central Tehran – each of which include a few municipality sub-districts.

The finals are now finished!

The finals are now finished!

The champions of the fourth Iran Game League, which began on Tuesday August 28 and ended Friday September 7

And it will be Dr. Minhua Eunice Ma

Dr. Minhua Eunice Ma, member of the scientific committee at England’s Staffordshire University, is considered to be one of the master pioneers of serious games

Publishers showed great interest for “the Tale of Bistun” at Gamescom

Gamescom came to a close a while back, in which the Tale of Bistun, served as an ambassador of the Iranian video game market.