Licensing games for publishers

Licensing games for publishers


Service Introduction

License for computer games is divided into two main categories: Iranian and foreign.

Iranian publishing license

The applicant sends a letter of request for obtaining a license along with a source and a video game to the deputy of the monitoring unit and, after the deputy oversight authority, the game is sent to the captive unit to receive the age rating. Eventually, the commitment will be issued by the applicant and will be issued to the applicant.

Foreign Game Publishing License
An external gaming license is presented at a meeting of the publication, and after monopolization by the licensed publishing companies, the game is submitted to the captive unit along with the application letter of the game, and if necessary, editing the game, the publisher of the game will submit the game to the editor. The modified game is referred to the supervisory secretariat for obtaining a license. Otherwise, it will receive a straightforward age category, and authorization will be issued by the Secretariat of the Supervision Authority.