High penetration of mobile games among Iranians

Direc's latest report on “The most significant information on the use of the mobile platform among Iranian players” has been published.

Iran’s video-gaming industry poised for action

With international sanctions lifted, a burgeoning industry looks beyond its domestic market of 20 million gamers.

The game industry of Iran

The game industry of Iran

How economic sanctions and piracy shape how people in Iran make and play games.

Inside Iran’s Budding Video Game Industry

The Iranian video game industry, shaped around piracy and economic sanctions, is slowly growing

A Look At 41 of Iran's Best Video Games

Last week I found myself in a back row of one of Gamescom's business hall with a few minutes to kill. Turning a corner I discovered a sizeable booth set up to showcase the computer and video games of Iran.

Iran's video game now available around the world

Video game enthusiasts around the world can purchase the new Iranian computer game “Shaban” online. The game is available on the website of Big Fish Games, a U.S. provider of Internet media delivery software and game services.