The Minister of Communications said: “30 percent of the revenues coming from app development in Iran, goes to game developers”. He has penned a report about the market for app developers, especially the thrilling market of video games.

According to Mehr, Muhammad-Javad Azari Jahromi, citing the February report of the Android games market, Café Bazaar, wrote on his Twitter account: “even though only 4 percent of all app developers in Iran are making games, a whopping 30 percent of the revenues goes to this society. Also, the average for jobs made in the development of online games is above other areas of app development.”

A while back, the director for the seventh Tehran Game Festival, said that: “in the field of video games, especially mobile games, we are not only at top among our rivals in the region, but if we try, we may even succeed in sitting among the world’s top tier in the not so distant future.”

As reported by Tasnim, only a part of the said report was mentioned in the Tweet by the Minister of Communications. But according to the statistical population presented by Café Bazaar, out of all 19 thousand Iranian development teams, more than 7000 that are seriously active, receive the least revenue or have the least active installs.

Plus, the report pointed to more than 20 thousand direct jobs created by this industry in Iran, and by emphasizing that it’s hard to estimate the number of indirect jobs that are created, went on to say: “even so, based on the present data we can estimate that at least 490 thousand individual or business enterprises in different areas of transport, delivery, food and consumables, house service, vehicles, medical services, online shops and social networks are using mobile devices as tools to offer their services and be in constant connection with their customers.

Another interesting fact is that 63 percent of the workforce in this business have academic degrees and we see the strongest presence of these people among the developers who have experienced greater success with more revenue and active installs.