The second annual IMGA MENA was held with many representatives of Iran competing in the main categories as candidates for most awards. In the end, Iranian games really shone and received many of the awards they were nominated for.

At the end of the IMGA MENA, the developers representing Iran, some with one, others with multiple video games, made more awards their own, than other rivals like the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Lebanon, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and other countries of the region.

Mafioso by Paeezan Game Studio, received the Excellence in art award. This praised Iranian game, had caught eyes before at the TGC. Another Iranian game that really shone in this competition, was 4 Wheelers, which is a multiplayer racing game and was selected as the best multiplayer game. Behzad Anjom-Rooz, who had brought the game Around Mars to the IMGA, made the “best design and execution for audio” and “best future game” awards his.

In all, out of the nine main awards in the festival, four went to Iranian games, making Iran the top country to participate.

Multiple Iranian games present in this festival were nominated for top prizes. Praised games like Live TV Tycoon, Rooster Wars, PerCity and Shadow Racer are some of these titles. Even though these titles didn’t succeed in receiving any prizes, they still did contribute to Iran’s bold and strong presence.

It should be noted that in the first days of the festival, all 16 Iranian games were axed from it; for no obvious reason! If it were not for the fast action of the related authorities, they would’ve stayed out of the competition. But thankfully, the conductors of the festival, reasonably cooperated and all 16 games were back on their website for votes as soon as possible.