Book Game Event
23 May 2022

The "Book Game" event was held in collaboration with the Iran Video Games Foundation and the country's Public Libraries Organization in order to promote the culture of reading books and ...

The 5th Serious Games Award
28 Nov 2021

The nominees for the 5th Serious Games Award were announced

The 2nd National and 1st International Digital Games Research Conference
29 Nov 2018

IRCG is going to hold DGRC2018 with the collaboration of IRIB University on 29-30th November 2018. The main focus of the second conference is on Serious Games and highlighted professors, ...

International event and exhibition of Tehran Game Convention
05 Jul 2018

This event offers a great opportunity for people active in the Iranian video game scene to not only make acquaintance with local and international experts, but also meet international publishers and investors.

Closing ceremony of the seventh Tehran Game Festival
10 Mar 2018


Publication of the invitation for the seventh Tehran Game Festival
22 Nov 2017

The invitation for the seventh Tehran Game Festival will be published on first of Azar (22 November)

Seventh Tehran Game Festival news conference
21 Nov 2017


Conference on dissecting the process of censorship of mobile games post-publication
08 Oct 2017

The conference on “dissecting the process of censorship of mobile games post-publication” was held on Sunday 16 Mehr (8 October) with CEO of Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation, vice president of monitoring, director of age rating for video games division and Iranian video game developers present in the session.

Unveiling ceremony of two Iranian video games: Cage and Live TV
18 Sep 2017

at Andisheh cultural center

Closing ceremony and final of the third Iranian Video Game League
14 Sep 2017


Gerdaye Webinar (2017)
06 Jun 2017

It should be noted that the target audience of this webinar are the developers, people interested in making games, investors and firm managers. Participants, will not only get the opportunity to listen to the analyses of experts and take part in discussions about the processes of video game industry in Iran and abroad, but will also receive the full version of Gerdaye for spring of 1396 (2017)

Deadline for submitting works to Development Awards
23 May 2017

The deadline for submitting pieces to Development Awards which will be held at the first commercial International exhibition of Iranian video games, is now extended until the end of Tuesday 2 Khordad (23 May).

Closing ceremony of the sixth Tehran Game Festival
11 Mar 2017


By Pierre Pilon: Workshop on Pitching your Project to Publishers
09 Mar 2017

Pierre Pilon, communication trainer at Ubisoft in Montreal, will be arriving in Iran in the very near future to put on a specialized workshop on how to pitch your project.

Iran Holds the ‘Ninth Game Development Experience’
09 Sep 2016

the ‘Ninth Game Development Experience’ was held on September 9, 2016.

Level Up: Month-Long Game Development Event
14 Jun 2016

A month-long game development event, titled Level Up, has been organized by the Fanafzar Sharif Company, with the financial collaboration of the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation

congress on animated art
25 May 2016

Iran’s Sharif University to host congress on animated art

Conference on International Law and Video Games
10 May 2016

The Iranian Association for UN Studies held the Conference on International Law and Computer Games in May 2016