Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation will participate in Turkey’s video game exhibit called GIST. This exhibit will be held from 1 to 4 February at Istanbul.

According to Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation, GIST or Gaming Istanbul video game exhibit has been held with large companies taking part in it for a few years now. But this exhibit does not only revolve around video games! As stated in the exhibit’s website, GIST concentrates on all types of games and video games are a big part of it.

Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation and developers such as Gunay, Tod, parsnip and Dirin Dirin are some of the parties that are going to represent our country in this exhibit.

In this event, some meeting will be held between the active bodies of the video game industry. In one of the more highlighted meetings, Hassan Karimi Qodusi, CEO of Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation is going to sit with Ali Arkin, manager of the Game Developers Association of Turkey (TOGED) and Alexander Mezin, founder and CEO of Borsch Games representing Russian game developers, and they will try to form a partnership between the three countries of Iran, Turkey and Russia.

And in another one of those meetings, we’ll have two known Iranian developers, Farzam Malek-ara and Ali Nad’alizadeh, managing and formulating a discussion called “Iranian video game industry: opportunities and challenges”.

Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation’s representatives will also concentrate on Tehran Game Convention while there, trying to introduce it to Turkish members of the industry. The second annual TGC will be held in July 2018.