The closing ceremony for the first conference of Research on Digital Games was held on 3 Azar at Iran University of Science and Technology. This conference was held with the topic of research on sciences related to video games and tried to increase the number of active researchers in this field’s varied subjects.

As reported by IRCG, this event is going to be held every year and each year, with the help of a different Iranian university. For each event, a huge portion of the duties is on the shoulders of the Digital Games Research Center (DIREC) and the benefits that comes out it, will be used for the gradual growth of video game Industry in Iran.

The first ever DGRC, named “The First Research on Digital Games: orientations, technologies and practices”, was held on 1396 SH with the help of Iran University of Science and Technology. The main subjects of this event were classified into nine categories as follows:

  • Computer graphics and digital games
  • Artificial intelligence and digital games
  • Technical aspects, algorithms and architecture of digital games
  • Processing of digital games
  • Serious games and gamification
  • Behavioral and social dimensions of video games
  • Interactivity in digital games
  • Arts and design of digital games
  • Economics, management and business in the field of digital games

The members of the scientific committee for this event are two professors, seven associate professors, sixteen assistant professors and nine professionals in the digital games field. As for the judging committee of the first event on serious games and articles, the event hosted two professors, ten associate professors, nineteen assistant professors and thirty PHD students.

146 articles, researched and written by 212 people were received. The quota of different fields of research were as follows: 68 percent of all articles were penned on the subject of humanities, 24 percent on the subject of technology, 7 percent on art and one percent on medical sciences.

Also, five academic majors had the strongest number of submitted articles: computer and engineering sciences, management, psychology, communication and arts.

64 percent of the participants were male and 36 percent were female. In all, 60 percent of the sent articles to the office of the festival received admission, out of which, 48 percent were in oral form and 52 percent in the poster form.

As for the competition for serious games, 54 games were received. In the end, an educational game named Tarlan won the first prize. Tarlan is an educational serious game, meant to teach ways to solve educational problems of children.

266 people participated in the conference and 23 more were present as university representatives. In the end, 10 statues were given to the top participants.