Forgotten Sound 2
Forgotten Sound 2

Shahbaz is the only prince and heir to his father’s kingship. Years ago, light used to enter the kingdom with the sound of the musical instrument of shahbaz’s mother, but after that the sound was never heard again in the kingdom, as the king prohibited playing music. While prince shahbaz intends to get married, the court minister exploits this chance and usurps the throne. In the middle of the wedding ceremony, the king falls sleep mysteriously, and doesn’t wake up; meanwhile, shahbaz who is imprisoned, escapes with the help of shahrbanoo (his wife) and starts his journey to bring the forgotten sound back to Alba.

1.Stunning visual effects by the help of digital rendering on a standard level; such as Gothic, Indian and … architecture)
2.Over 50 page note book for main character
3.More than 40 minutes original music
4.More Than 3 hours gameplay
5.Many Classic Puzzle and 15 Interactive mini game
6.Over 65 high detailed background in 6 location