The signing ceremony of the Cooperating Agreement between Public Culture Council and Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation for development game-centered cultural merchandising was held.

According to Public Relation Department of IRCG, in the signing ceremony of the Cooperating Agreements of Public Culture Council with 11 organizations and foundations for development of cultural merchandising that was held at the meeting hall of Azadi Tower Cultural and Artistic Complex, Seyed Sadegh Pezhman the CEO of IRCG and Seyed Majid Emami the Secretary of the Public Culture Council signed an agreement of about development of game- centered cultural merchandising.

Based on this agreement, to identify, introduce and explain the services of IRCG for merchandising development and allocation of certain capacities of IRCG in the fields of production, distribution and promotion related to video games was signed by parties aimed to helping development the business of cultural merchandising.

The provision of business and cultural merchandising development though the convergence of production, distribution and promotion capacities in the field of video games with the development of cultural activities based on the development of the Islamic-Iranian lifestyle and the cultural guidance of the consumption of cultural products is one of the other goals of signing this agreement.

In this ceremony, other agreements were signed between the Public Culture Council, Soroush Publication, Mehr News Agency, Tebian Cultural and Information Institute, Sepehr Research and Technology Fund, and Soura Mehr Publication.