National Elite Foundation will allocate elite score to the winners of Hackathon 2022

According to the public relations report of the National Computer Games Foundation, the Hackathon 2022 event with the theme of "Access to Libraries" was recognized as a problem-oriented competitive event in the form of the Shahid Babaei project of the National Elite Foundation.

The Hackathon of Serious Games, is a three days game developing event aim to ideation and experience of serious game development.

Serious games hackathon, which will be held simultaneously in Tehran, Tabriz and Isfahan cities, last year also as a problem-oriented competitive event, became a part of the Martir Babaei project of the National Elite Foundation, and with the financial support of this foundation and the granting of elite activity points to the chosen ones provided a special opportunity for the participants.

This event like last year has been approved after verification Leading National Elite Council  in Martir Babaei Project, and the National Elite Foundation in 2022 allocates elite score to the winners of the event too.

Accordingly, the members of teams who won first place, will be allocated 30 elite scores, second place 25 elite score and third place 20 elite score. Also based on the announcement of  National Elite Foundation it is possible to increase the elite score up to 2 times, provided that the winner teams make an effort to developing and commercializing the Hackathon product.

The Hackathon event of serious games in the sixth round of Serious Games Prize aim to increasing the visiting of libraries and with the support of Public Libraries of Country Foundation as a planner of the event, will be held last week of the season. Also, an empowerment training course named Gamification will be held that is precondition and prerequisite for participating in Hackathon section and receiving elite score.

Sixth comprehensive event of Serious Games Prize 2022 It will be held in the fall hosted by the Faculty of Mechanics of Sharif University of Technology.

The exact time for sending proposals, registration, holding, registration links in each of the three parts of the event will be announced soon.