Iran Computer and Video Games foundation, and Iran Broadcasting Organization signed a cooperation agreement with the aim of participating and cooperating in the design, production and distribution of audio productions with the theme of advertising and promoting the correct culture of using digital entertainment and computer games and holding joint campaigns and events.

According to the public relations department of IRCG, this memorandum was signed by the CEO of the IRCG and the deputy of Iran Broadcasting Organization based on the division of work of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace in the approval of the document "Policies Governing the National Program of Computer Games".

At the signing ceremony of this memorandum, Seyyed Sadeq Pejman, referring to the capacities of the Iran Broadcasting Organization to introduce the products of Iranian game developers and promote game consumption literacy among families, said: "The ecosystem of digital games is a trans-organizational field, and the Convergence and synergy between devices accelerates the resolution of existing problems in this field.

Monitoring the implementation of the memorandum

Ali Bakhshizadeh, Deputy Voice of the Broadcasting Organization, also stated that the signing of these memorandum is the first executive step towards the realization of common goals, and said: A working group in the Deputy Voice has been assigned to submit a report every six months on the fulfillment of the provisions of this memorandum. To evaluate the effectiveness of this joint action from the audience's point of view.

The most important goals of the memorandum

Explaining the social, cultural, learning, psychological and economic aspects of computer games and digital entertainment for radio audiences and increasing the literacy of virtual space, computer games and digital entertainment in the audience of radio networks, especially families, is one of the goals of this joint cooperation agreement.

Developing the business environment in the computer games industry, developing research programs, supporting elites, companies and knowledge-based institutions, expanding the market and increasing the export of domestic computer games and creating job opportunities are other approaches desired by the (Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation) and the (Vice Deputy of Broadcasting Organization), which is followed in the form of this memorandum.