The first meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation in the new period was held.

Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili said in this meeting: Since the National Computer Games Foundation is the only governing body that plays a specialized role in this field, the development and deepening of its activities is so importance.

Referring to the research of the Broadcasting Research Center and the national survey of computer game consumption, Esmaili emphasized: According to the research conducted, the statistics of the use of computer games in the country is increasing, and according to the survey conducted by the foundation, in 2018 there are more than 32 million "Gamers" in Iran.

Esmaili continued: Tenure is one of the serious harms that always threatens cultural institutions, and the National Foundation of Computer Games, considering its high capacity in the field of monetization, can be spared from this harm with proper planning.

The importance of  strengthening the field of informing

He further emphasized on strengthening the informing field of the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation and said: the qualitative and quantitative improvement of the informing field of the actions and productions of the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation is of great importance and in this regard, more cooperation from the officials of the Broadcasting Organization is effective.

International events are the best  opportunity to introduce domestic producers

 In addition, Hojat-ul Islam Qomi, head of the Islamic Development Organization, also pointed out the importance of the presence of the country's representatives in the world events of computer games and added: International computer games circles are the best opportunity to introduce the best products of this field and in this context The conditions for the presence of Iranian game developers should be facilitated.

He added: Conditions must also be provided so that the economic cycle of domestic computer games reaches relative stability and peace so that well-thought-out domestic game makers can start creating first-class games without the slightest worry.

In the end, while announcing the readiness of the Islamic Development Organization to cooperate and support the production of High quality games, Hojat-ul-Islam Qomi said: Computer games should be a flow generator and lead to the activation of the private sector in the field of producing and publishing games based on Iranian Islamic culture.

Mehdi Sarami, the chairman of the board of directors of the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation, also said in this meeting: We hope that in this people's state, all the institutions' capacity will be used to support the role of this foundation in the field of organizing the status of virtual stores of computer games.

He clarified: Virtual stores should be required to display the age rating of all games, including mobile games. The age rating should be displayed by every store where people buy the game. Otherwise, part of the effort spent in the foundation to monitor computer games and age classification will be wasted.

In another part of his speech, he said: I suggest that the production of Iran's historical and civilizational games should be taken seriously in this period. The production of civilizing games in cooperation with the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation and the Ministry of Education deepens the students' Iranian Islamic identity.

Also, Seyed Sadeq Pejman, CEO of the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation, presented a report on the performance of this foundation in recent years.


It should be noted that at the end of this meeting, the decrees of the new members of the Board of Trustees of the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation were awarded by the Minister of Culture.