The Iranian game "Fake Emperors" won the award for the best mobile and tablet game at the "Game Connection" festival in America.

According to the public relations report of the National Computer Games Foundation, the closing ceremony of the American Game Connection Festival, which was held last night (March 29) at 19:30 in San Francisco, announced its winners in various categories.

From Iran, Mehrdad Rezaei from "Pershaland" studio participated in this festival with the play "Fake Emperors" and was nominated for awards in three categories.

Finally, with the judges' vote, Mehrdad Rezaei was able to win the award for the best mobile and tablet game at Game Connection 2024 in America for the game "Fake Emperors."

Mehrdad Rezaei introduced the Fake Emperors game and its design and production process in a short video at this event, which was broadcast online to all audiences around the world. In the following, the gameplay of this game was played for the audience of this event.

Mehrdad Rezaei, after winning this award, in a short conversation with us, while expressing his happiness that he was able to raise the name of Iran in the Game Connection Festival of America in the last hours of 2023, said: I hope this award promises a year full of success in the international arena for the industry. Iran's game.

The director of "Pershaland" studio noted: "I feel proud that I participated in this festival as an Iranian and won the award for the best mobile and tablet game of America's Game Connection."

He expressed hope that these international achievements and successes will cause the country's officials to pay more attention to the game industry and the efforts made by Iranian game makers in the domestic and international arenas.