Two Iranian video games were  nominated to receive an award from the MENA Games Industry Awards 2024

According to the public  relations unit of the Iran Video Games Foundation, with the announcement of the  names of the finalists of the different sections of the MENA Games Industry  Awards 2024, two games "Fake Emperors" from "Pershaland"  studio and "Mafiaso" from "Paizan" studio were nominated to  receive an award from this festival.

The Mafiaso game, produced by  Paizan Studio, has been nominated for an award in the "localization"  category. The interesting and exciting thing is that the Godfather game in this  section has to compete with the popular Assassin's Creed Mirage game from  Ubisoft to win the first prize in this section.

In this section, this award is  given to studios that have supported games in the fields of localization in the  past year. They also ensure that both new versions and updates are released  with the least possible hassles and are properly localized for MENA target  markets.

But another Iranian game named  " Fake Emperors" by Mehrdad Rezaei in Pershaland Studio, has been  nominated for an award in the important section of "Game of the Year  Mena". The competition in this section will be very tough and close  considering the other games nominated for the award.

The award of this category is  given to the selected game based on creativity, game mechanics, technical,  artistic and audio achievements, innovation, engagement with the audience and  critical and commercial success.

The announcement of the name  of the Fake Empires game in the list of nominees for the MENA Games Industry  Awards 2024 happened while that this game won the award of the best mobile and  tablet game from the American "Game Connection" festival recently.