The CEO of the Iran Video Games Foundation considered one of the problems of the game industry in the country to be the lack of large publishing companies and said that for this reason some producers cooperate with foreign publishing companies.

According to the public relations report of the National Computer Games Foundation, Mohammad Amin Haji Hashemi, CEO of the Iran Video Games Foundation, in a conversation with Mehr news agency, referring to ways to deal with the migration of game makers, said: We must strengthen the infrastructure of game production, development and publishing in the country. As long as the game industry is not an official and important field in the country, it cannot be expected that this industry will be a strong and driving industry in the country.

He added: First of all, we are pursuing the issue of strengthening the economic infrastructure of game publishing in the country. Foreign games are sold in dollars in other countries, but unfortunately, they are free in our country. This makes the environment difficult for the Iranian manufacturer. We must design the space in such a way that this industry has an advantage for Iranian game makers. The path should be such that the supply of Iranian games is considered an advantage for Iranian game developers in terms of price compared to foreign games. Unfortunately, this story is not witnessed in the country today, and the supply of foreign games has more advantages than Iranian games, and our game market is in trouble.

The CEO of the Iran Video Games Foundation further said: We are looking to fix the infrastructure economically and to introduce the game industry as an official and leading industry in the country. Holding Fajr computer games festival again and merging it with the first investment event was one of the ways we did to provide infrastructure in the game industry. At the investment event, we encouraged investor groups to enter this field and get to know the power of the country's game industry audience. All these things can help the game maker to get the feeling that there is a growth path for his activities in the country and his work is seen.

Hajihashmi said: Another problem we have is that we don't have big publishing companies in the country. If big publishing companies were active in the country, the game maker would easily hand over the game to them after the production stage, and this would cause his game to be published on a larger scale. Someone who is a game maker and has good technical ability, may not be able to bring his game to the market. For this reason, as a game maker, he is attracted to a foreign publishing company. We should be able to strengthen game publishing companies in the country. In the investment event, we invited a number of companies to choose the products of Iranian game makers for investment. All these events cause the game industry cycle to form in the country.

He added: producer, publisher, distributor, consumer are the components of the game industry cycle. Today, the sector that works very strongly in this cycle is production. We have consumers and distributors, but where is the problem? The main problem is the publishers who are not recognized and must introduce their position in the game industry.

In the end, the CEO of the Iran Video Games Foundation said: In the provincial camps, we noticed that many game makers who perform well cooperate with foreign companies to publish their games. However, the number of publishing companies in our country is limited, and the majority of them operate in Tehran, and finally, provincial game makers cannot communicate with them and their communication is weak. Therefore, we must provide the production infrastructure in the country so that the game maker feels that there is an active ecosystem in the country for this issue.