Publication of the Iran Computer and video Games Foundation with participating in 33rd book international Fair in Tehran familiarized enthusiasts and researchers in games studies field with its the latest researching writings in the field of digital games industry in the country.

According to public relation department of IRCG, publication of  IRCG that used to have experience of participating in the last two round of Book Online Fair, this time also published its researching writings to enthusiasts and researchers in the field of the country digital games at the 33rd Tehran International Book Fair.

IRCG publication which has started a new chapter of its activities with the aim of develop the theoretical and technical foundations in the field of game developing and studying since 2020, in the last two years published 6 titles of books with totally different subjects.

The titles published by the publications of the National Computer and Video Games Foundation in 2020 and 2022, which were presented in two physical and virtual sections for the purchase and use of game enthusiasts and researchers during the exhibition, are:

  • Emerging trends in digital games
  • Digital Game Diplomacy: Conceptually, Position, and Evaluation
  • Serious game, game beyond entertainment
  • The Entertainment Software Rating Association ESRA (third phase)
  • Selected articles of the Sixth Computer Games Conference; Opportunities and challenges in the field of children and digital games
  • An Introduction to Media Literacy Policymaking
  • IRCG to addition of presenting its articles in the fair, with participating in Yas Hall (House of Knowledge-Based and Cultural Technologies) which in order to (Year of Production of Knowledge-Based and Employment-Creating) was dedicated for introducing knowledge-based and creative companies and active institutions in this field and also creating interactions and cooperation with various organizations and institutions, introduced its activities and achievements and hosted visitors too.