The game has been designed with the aim of providing its audience with informative and moral messages and will be released in all parts of the country by the end of Iranian year, March 20.

Search for Happiness is a completely domestically-made video game by Pars Age of Games Company.  

The game has a social theme with two different endings, fused with informative and moral messages such as the consequences of emigration, greed, trustfulness, concept of happiness, appreciation of God’s blessings and so on.

One of the main features of the game is its ability to communicate with the deaf audience. All of the game’s designs including 47 locations and 58 characters have been done with digital painting.

The game also enjoys traditional Iranian music for its soundtrack, namely tar, setar and the infusion of these two instruments in Dastgāh-e Šur and dastgah Abuata recorded for approximately 3 hours.

Dastgāh is a musical modal system in traditional Persian art music. Persian art music consists of twelve principal musical modal systems or dastgāhs; a dastgāh is a melody type on the basis of which a performer produces extemporized pieces.