TEHRAN, Oct. 19 (MNA) – The first marathon of producing Iran’s digital content hosted by Sharif University of Technology will be held in late November, 2015.

Iran's first marathon of digital content production includes a wide range of topics such as culture and Islamic sciences, medicine and health, economy and entrepreneurship, technical and engineering sciences, lifestyle, art and architecture, and free topic.

Among the most important focuses of this event are computer games scenarios, algorithms and software contents of cell phones, cell phone photography, audio and video, SMS, content algorithms of multimedia software, text files and images, content algorithms of websites, Ejournals and cell phone animations.

The objectives of this technological competition includes defining culture via producing scientific and practical digital content, identifying capabilities and guiding the community’s skills toward the field of content production and the joy of problem-solving in various ways in a creative process.

Those interested in registering for the marathon can visit the competition’s website at sharifdc.