Last week I found myself in a back row of one of Gamescom's business hall with a few minutes to kill. Turning a corner I discovered a sizeable booth set up to showcase the computer and video games of Iran.

We've recently written a bit about Mir Mahna and I'm always fascinated with how different cultures can create different sorts of games, so I ended up spending some time walking along the displays of the Iran National Foundation of Computer Games checking out what they had to offer.

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time in my schedule to go hands on with any of the fascinating titles I saw there (games like Ali Baba, Mountaineer orAge of Pahlavans) but I did snag this great little catalog outlining all of the recent and upcoming games coming out of the country.

I've scanned in all of the descriptions of the games presented at the show so you can have a look too.

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