Date and venue for the Tehran Game Convention 2017 have changed.

The exhibition will hold 2 months later and it will be moving from April 29-30, to the new date of July 6-7.

Furthermore, the venue has also been changed. The Milad Tower Conference center being full on this date, the exhibition has been moved to the IRIB International Conference Center, with the added benefit of accommodating more booths for this event.

Due to the change in time of the event, the deadline for the 20% early bird registration discount has also been changed to May 20. You can take advantage of this discount by using the codeEBTGC2017.

It is worthy to mention that of the 60 conferences which have been planned for this event, up until now 50 speakers have been chosen, 40 of which are international speakers. So the call for speaker’s session will expire soon.

The TGC exhibition is being held jointly by the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation and Game Connection, with the goal of making contacts between international activists in the games industry and Iranian game developers and products.