Tehran Game Convention Advisory Board has been put together with the worlds most renowned and experienced game developers and a grouping of the best game developers in Iran.

The first international game developing scientific-trade exhibition event in Iran will bring together a science based advisory consisting of the best and most qualified domestic and international expert game developers. The TGC advisory board will consist of 6 international and 5 Iranian members.

This delegation will head up and supervise 60 scientific conferences and 5 master classes on topics including: Technology and technical, art, game design, project management, trade and business.

Technology and technical related segments will be accompanied by Mike Acton of Insomniac Games, Sébastien Lagarde of Unity Technologies and Yaser Zhian of Fanafzar Sharif.

In the art related segments, Henry LaBounta from the famous and well-known company, Zynga and Amirhossein Erfani of SpaceFox studio will make up the advisory board.


Susan O’Connor, writer, designer and international consultant in game development, who’s worked on titles including, Tomb Raider, BioShock, and FarCry2; and Aidin Zolghadr Indie Game Developer, consultant and professor will guide and supervise the game design segments.

Keith Fuller, game development Team Leader at Fuller Game Production, with experience in games including, Call of Duty, Black Ops, Quake 4 and Singularity; and Amir H. Fassihi, of Fanafzar will be leading segments related to project management and production.

Finally, the business and marketing segments will be supervised by, Phil Elliott of Square Enix and Farzam Molkara of Simulator Developer Co.

With the presence of acclaimed international and domestic consultants, and speakers it is forecasted that the TGC exhibition conferences, will be a top notch, scientific event.

The event is scheduled for 29-30, April 2017 in Tehran's Milad Tower and enthusiasts who wish to register for this event can visit the following web address: http://www.tehrangamecon.com/register/ . Furthermore if you register before March 16, 2017 you will receive a 20% early registration discount.