The attendee registration for Tehran Game Convention begins on 15 January

The attendee registration for Tehran Game Convention (TGC), as the first B2B-Focused international event for Iran and the MENA game industries begins on January 15th .

The exhibition will be held at Milad Tower -Tehran on 29 and 30 April 2017 in association with Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation and Game Connection.

Iran is the second biggest producer of video games in Middle East and has the biggest population of gamers (around 23 millions) in this region. TGC is the first and unparalleled opportunity for the international developers and investors to get connected to this vast and untouched market.

TGC contains 4 primary sections:

1.       B2B Area

2.       Conferences + Master Classes

3.       Indie Area

4.       Publishers’ day

 In the B2B area, there will be exhibitors from around the globe looking for making business deals with the key players of the MENA region. Also, in the conference section, the event will host 60 lectures in 5 parallel tracks namely: (1) Business (2) Production, (3) Game Design, (4) Art and (5) Technical.

Indie area will host the brightest and most innovative game development teams and startups looking to partnerships, investments or publishers.

Finally, in publishers’ day on 30th April, developers will pitch their projects to potential publishers for the international release of their games in fast pitching sessions.

The attendees will benefit from the robust and effective meeting application provided by Game Connection to organize their meetings in advance.

You can register for attendance in Tehran Game Convention through from January 15th.

Also, if you are interested in becoming a sponsor or have further questions or require more details please send us an email at: