The Swedish Player Becomes the Champion of the first IGL international League, hosted by Iran. This international online league took place on 20th of August, between 7 of the most notable and praised FIFA players of different countries.

In this tournament, in which Representatives from France, Sweden, Denmark, Romania, Iran, Britain and Portugal were present, Ivan “Boraslegend” Lapanje from Sweden succeeded to become the champion. He had once received a 400,000$ worth of award in Las Vegas championship in the past.

Boraslegend made it to semifinals by winning the match against Vinch from France and the winner of 2013 Paris World Cup. In the second round this time Boraslegend succeeded to win the match against Rosenmeier, the 2015 world champion. Ivan was placed in the final match to play against Kiarash Shokouhi who was very well prepared and had stepped into the final by winning the match against Adam Winster from England.

The final which was held as a one game match, ended with a 4-1 score for the Swedish champion so Boraslegend was named the first champion of this tournament and Kiarash Shokouhi from Iran achieved the title of 2nd.

This league is under the sponsorship of Iran Computer & Video Games Foundation.