The Digital Game Research Center (DIREC) of the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation plans a monthly journal, “Game Studies: Insights”, in which each issue is devoted to a specific topic related to computer games. The first issue of this online journal entitled "digital games and violence" has been published.

Studies in the field of digital games are an area of interdisciplinary research that specifically focused on various aspects of the new phenomenon digital games.

The aim of establishing this publication is making familiar the students of different academic disciplines with research on video games in the world and the introduction of the theoretical literature related to this field.

 The Insights plans in each issue, a special look at the topic of video games.For example, in this issue, violence is taken into consideration. Other topics that will be addressed in future issues  are such as health, learning, gender, identity, advertising, simulation, genre, user experience, storytelling, etc..

The journal is available in www.IRCG.IR