The significance of computer games in terms of entertainment, education and economy has led to a more serious focus on the industry by most countries. Currently, game development industry is one of the main lines of development in IT for Iran whose advancement will eventually lead to economic growth, creation of jobs and more employment opportunities. In other sense, considering the media effect of this industry, different sections in the country accompany this industry in developing its comprehensive planning. National Plan for Computer Games in Iran. The National Plan for Computer Games in Iran is a comprehensive plan to boost the market for the Iranian games industry, which was drafted by the country’s High Council for Cyberspace and endorsed by the President in 2015. The plan is devised to support, supervise, amend regulations, commercialize and boost the
game industry, and the duties of the departments of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding these objectives have been described in it, as well. The most outstanding articles of the plan are as follows:
1- Prioritizing the production of content, cultural enhancement of the public, and enhancing awareness of the community and the government about the
significance of computer games and creating a cultural hype both inside the country and beyond its borders,
2- Empowering and boosting efforts aimed at training the required human resources, experts, and professionals for the country’s game industry,
3- Creating a competitive atmosphere, improving working conditions, and paving the way for the effective participation of the private sector in production and investment in game industry and persuading them to participate in joint international activities,
4- Developing research, monitoring and futuristic programs,
5- Supporting companies, organizations and experts of the field and supporting intellectual property rights,

6- Improving the market and increasing export value for local games and creating
new employment opportunities.

Leading Organizations In Iran’s Game Industry

Iran Computer And Video Games Foundation

The Iran Computer and video Games Foundation is a non-profit organization working in the field of the video games industry. Its main duty is to support, supervise and contribute to the Iranian game industry. It is also the main body tasked with supporting, policy-making, commercializing, training, supervision, and research in gaming industry. Below you can see major Fields of Activity in the Iranian Computer and Video Games Foundation and main organization dealing with each.