The development of the curriculum of the commercial management of video games in masters’ programs has started with the full-fledged participation of the Iran Computer & Video Games Foundation.

Announcing this, the representative of the foundation in the curriculum development workgroup Dr. Mohammad Hossein Rezvani said that in late 2015, six general principles governing the national video games program was ratified in the presence of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, one of which focuses in educating the human resources, the public relations department of the Iranian Video Games Foundation reported.

As the authority to oversee video games development in Iran, the Iranian Video Games Foundation is fully prepared to cooperate with other relevant bodies, and would express its readiness to help them with the required technical and conceptual consultations in curriculum development, Rezvani added.

In the program, he added, subject areas such as ‘video games technology management’, ‘video games commercial management’, ‘video games marketing management’, and ‘video development technical direction’ have been envisioned.