More than 50 thousand games have been played with 5067 participants in the second "Kitab Bazi" mobile game league, which is being held in collaboration with the Iran Computer and Video Games foundation and the foundation Public Libraries of the country.

According to the public relations department report of the Iran Computer and Video Games foundation, the competition between 5067 participants continues in the second "Kitab Bazi" mobile games league, which started at the same time as Eid al-Adha and continues until Eid al-Ghadir.

In this event, which is being held in order to promote the culture of reading and familiarize more users of video games with general and practical concepts and information, a total of 7570 users registered, of which 5067 people entered the competitive environment of the league. The participants in this league have answered more than 300,000 questions in the field of general information and questions designed by the foundation of country's public libraries in order to promote the reading culture.

"Book game" event for the top 5 people of this competition who get the highest score, 5 cash prizes including 11 million tomans for the first place, 9 million tomans for the second place, 7 million tomans for the third place, 5 million tomans for the 5th place and 3 million for the fifth place has been considered. Also, among all the participants in this event, 30 people will be given a cash prize of 500 thousand tomans.