The collection of "Quranic stories and games" has been made available to children with its latest update.

According to the public relations report of the National Foundation of Computer Games, this product was produced in the Iranian Islamic game and entertainment studio "Mahad" with the aim of familiarizing children aged 3 to 10 and families with the stories of the Holy Quran and divine prophets and presenting Islamic concepts and teaching to children in an eloquent language and it is produced by the child's interaction with the elements of the story.

This series has been designed and produced in 20 attractive and interactive stories of the Holy Quran, including 90 mini-games and 12 in-program Quranic games, in the style of games and interactive-adventure stories with a pleasant and attractive narrative.

In the latest update of this product, which has just been made available to its users, apart from the addition of entertainment sections, gifts, a physical products store including dolls produced based on game characters, a general revision in the environment and graphics of the application, sponsorships, contests and campaigns, 10 new stories are supposed to be added to the current 20 stories of this collection with the users support .

Also, in the new update of this product, Swahili has been added to the collection of 15 languages available. Fixing problems and bugs reported by users is another point that has been made in the latest update of this product.

It should be mentioned that having a completely Persian environment for Iranian users is one of the characteristics of Quranic Stories, and among the 20 stories in the first season of this game, we can mention the story of Prophet Ibrahim The Idol Breaker And The Fight Against Namrod The Oppressive King of Babylon, the story of Prophet Moses (pbuh) And The Arrogant Qarun, the story of Prophet Solomon And The Queen Of Sheba, the story of Prophet Muhammad's Childhood To Youth, the story of Talot And Goliath And The Fight Of Young Prophet David With Goliath, the story of Ibrahim (pbuh) And Ishmael (pbuh) , the story of Hagar(pbuh) In Mecca, the story of the Ascension Of The Prophet And The Journey To Heavens.

He also mentioned the story of The Creation Of Adam And Eve (pbuh), the story of Jesus (pbuh) From Birth To Ascension To Heaven, the story of Moses (pbuh) And The Israelites And The Samaritan Calf.