The Coronary conditions of the country also made the holding of the 1399 Serious Games Award event online.

 The comprehensive Serious Game Awards event in its fourth period was scheduled to be held in-person in the fall and winter; but according to the secretariat of this event and based on the decision of its policy council, due to the coronary conditions of the country and the need to Observance of health protocols, this event will be held online.

According to the Communications and International Affairs Department of the Iran Computer and Video  Games Foundation, according to the announcement of the secretariat of this event, the conditions for attending the Serious Games Hackathon 1399, the Serious Games Symposium 1399, the Closing Ceremony of the Serious Games Festival 1399 and the closing ceremony of the Serious Games Award 1399 for all interested parties and participants will be provided online and the audience can also watch the event online.

Decisions and information will be announced on how the presenters, judges, speakers and winners will be present in the various sections of the event.

The comprehensive Serious Game Award event, which is held every year by the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation as the sole trustee of this industry and by attracting sponsors in this field, this year also includes three main sections: the Serious Game Festival of 1399, the Hackathon of Serious Games of 1399 and the Symposium of Serious Games of 1399.

This event, in its fourth period, is trying to provide scientific and industrial infrastructure for more development than ever of Serious Games in the country and strengthen development circles from academic research to commercialization of products in the industry and also provide opportunity to participate in the development of Serious Games in the country by large network of sponsors and partners as in previous years.

Since there is an opportunity to submit a work, submit an article and register an individual or group to participate in this event until November 20, it is good to review the different sections of the fourth Serious Games Award 1399 again:

The Serious Game Festival Section of 1399 in this period also hosts the works produced in this field. The owners of the work can send their game (new version of a game or an updated version of the game in the previous periods of the festival) to the prize secretariat.

After receiving the submitted works, serious games will be judged in three stages of production, commercial judging and scientific judging, and after reviewing the judges, the selected teams will present their achievements in the final. In total, more than 200 million Tomans of prizes will be waiting for the winners of this section. Click here to send the work to the Serious Game Festival in 1399.

The Serious Games Hackathon section of 1399 is a three-day game-making event that will be held in Tehran, Tabriz and Isfahan. This year, due to the spread of the coronavirus and also the attention to personal management in this situation as an important issue, the Ministry of Sports and Youth is sponsoring and planning the event in these three provinces by presenting the topic "Life Skills: Facing the epidemic". The best board or digital games in this section are to be appreciated and a total of more than 100 million Tomans of prizes will be waiting for the winners of this section. Click here to register an individual or group in the game of Serious Games 1399.

The Serious Games Symposium section of 1399 welcomes specialized articles and workshops in the field of serious games and will be hosted by Allameh Tabatabai School of Management and Accounting. Articles submitted to this section must be in English and the judging of articles with the aim of increasing the quality of submitted articles will be strict and at the level of scientific-research articles. In total, more than 20 million Tomans prize will be awarded to the selected articles in this section and the accepted articles will be sent to the IEEE Xplore citation database for indexing. Click here to submit an article to the 1399 Serious Games Symposium.