Hackathon prizes of Serious Games in Tehran, in a ceremony attended by Sayed Sadegh Pejman CEO of Iran Computer & Video Games Foundation, Dr. Gholamhossein Mozaffari CEO of Kish Free Zone Organization, and Dr. Masoud Tofighi CEO of Kish Institute of Science and Technology, were awarded.

At the beginning of the meeting, Gholam Hossein Mozaffari, Head of Kish Free Zones Organization emphasized the importance of such events in fostering creativity and innovation and discovering the young talents of our country and introducing Kish tourism and maritime capacities.

Mozaffari emphasized the continuous follow-up of the event and said with the establishment of a permanent secretariat could avoid wasting efforts, and plan for better and more efficient holding of it for the next few years.

The head of Kish Free Zone Organization, referring to the desirable quality of the content produced in this field and the qualitative level of competitions said: If video games production would be considered, it can become an export item and the Kish Free Zone Organization in addition to providing the necessary support, could place one of the island's economic development areas on the center of such products.

Sadegh Pejman, CEO of Iran Computer & Video Games Foundation, cited the role and status of video games globally, calling the holding of Serious Game Prize a step to strengthen and support this field.

Pejman presented a report on the goals and how to organize the competition and said: "Enhancing the content and increasing the quality and quantity of the games are the main results of the event, And the collaboration of more than 17 different institutions and organizations, the increasing number of participants, and the quality and quantity of the works presented were special features of this event.

The director of the National Foundation for Computer Games said that paying special attention to the field of tourism and English language education is the main focus of the competitions.

The path to classical education will change in the future, and much of the new training will come from the video game context, and appropriate preparation and support will need to be established.

In the science competition, the Linia team won first place for the Kish Island Hero game and had been awarded 12 million tomans Hackathon Event Prize.

Valsalva team came in second place for the Kishlenj game and received a 6 million tomans prize.

The Amata team for the English Land game and the Pronas team for Adventure in Kish Island game jointly came in third, each earning three million Toman awards.

The Amata team for the English Land game and the Pronas team for Adventure in Kish Island game jointly came in third, and each earned three million Toman award.

The one million Toman Hope Award was also presented to the Farzanegan School Team in recognition of their efforts.

Also in the field of the Serious Games Symposium Articles of 1398, Ms. Fakhndeh Fazel received a special prize of 5 million tomans for her essay on the effect of playing in the tourism industry.

The Hackathon Serious Games Event in Tehran, as part of the Comprehensive Serious Games Award Event, was held in Tehran in November this year by the Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation and with the support of Kish Institute of Science and Technology on behalf of Kish Free Zone Organization.

 The focus of the event was the production of targeted language games for children, adolescents and the deaf, and the Kish Institute for Science and Technology supported the event in a material and scientific way in line with its educational and social responsibility.