Following a joint meeting between game developers and the Persian Gulf petrochemical industry, five initial plans were presented and reviewed by five teams and a gaming company to develop a computer game in the petrochemical industry field.

According to the Department of Communications and International Affairs, at the joint meeting between gamers and the petrochemical industry of the Persian Gulf, which was held with CEO and a group of his assistants, five game development plans were presented by five teams and gaming company.

In the coming sessions, after completing and reviewing all submitted plans,

 the best plans will be selected by the Persian Gulf petrochemical industry and produce with the financial backing of the Persian Gulf petrochemical industry.

"Given that the purpose of developing a computer game in the oil and energy field is to familiarize teens with the process of petrochemical industry, the games must provide accurate information about these industries, and this can only be achieved by using the knowledge of the Persian Gulf Petrochemicals technical consultants in the game project," said Javed Goli, director of public relations for the Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industry.
 Following the meeting, Sayed Sadegh Pejman, CEO of the Iran Computer and Video Game Foundation, emphasized the need for continuation of regular consultative meetings and called for the introduction of infrastructure and foundational projects in the field of computer games.