The results for IMGA Mena are in and it’s safe to say that the big piece of the pie has gone to Iranian developers with 8 out of 12 big awards handed to them.

As reported by IRCG and officially stated in the website of the event, some of the most important awards have gone to Iranian developers who participated in it.

The top award, the Grand Prix for the third IMGA MENA was given to the Iranian video game Flipping Filip. Besides the top award, this game also won the Excellence in storytelling and Excellence in Audio Visual Art & Design.

The People’s Choice award is another important aspect of the event. This went to another Iranian game, The Dark Wings 2. Magnis, another Iranian title won the Jury’s Honorable Mention. O as another product from Iranian developers, successfully received the two awards of Excellence in Innovation and the Best Quickplay Game of the festival. The honors received by the Iranian games didn’t end there and Harmony was also able to receive the Excellence in Audio award.

It should be noted that also in the second IMGA MENA Iranian developers were able to make theirs some of the most important awards.