The Minister of Culture and Islamic guidance said on the third meeting of the Coordination Council of Video Games: “in the field of video games, especially in the areas of economy and culture, some common ground must be established, with the opinions of other governmental bodies taken into account.”

As reported by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, after talking about the position and importance of video games from the aspects of industry and culture, Seyyed Abbas Salehi added: “one thing we lack in this field is a convergence between different partner organizations so we can start a move towards a better future for the video game industry of the country.”

He added: “the Coordination Council of Video Games started with this outlook and is now forming its own committees. After this is done, all related organizations will be able to offer their own opinions to shape a better future for this industry.”

“Right now four committees are assigned tasks and have had meetings. These meetings must be held regularly and their expert opinions be put to conversation and to test. This process must act as an invigorating element for the local video games industry, so right from the start, the sessions must be carried out with utmost care” Salehi continued.

He emphasized: “the goal of the council is to achieve the highest level of convergence in order to lessen or ultimately do away with the amount of overlaps and clashes of opinions between organizations.”

He proposes: “in fields that have had direct relationships with the industry, like the culture and economy of the country, a common ground must be found with the opinions of other governmental bodies taken into account.”

The Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance added: “how and when some bodies may have a bigger share of responsibility must be defined in the council. We may have five or six bodies trying to work in unison. But a ratio must be allocated for each as to how much they can interact and interfere in the processes.”

Salehi finished his talk by saying: “since we’re in the beginning stages of shaping this council, time must not be wasted. But of course, the opinions of experts are of utmost importance for this decision. We must exercise some forward thinking and try to make the most of this buildup and the committees formed.”

Also in the said session, the representatives of other organizations elaborated on their own opinions and thought.