The “Tehran, Game City” report, is a study in the most important usage information of video gamers in the metropolitan city of Tehran up to the end of the year 1396 (March of 2018). In this report, Tehran is divided into five sections of east, west, north, south and central Tehran. Please take into account the fact that in this report, “digital game player” refers to anyone who spends at least on hour a week with one of three main platforms of digital games including mobile, PC and home consoles.

In a section of this report which revolves around the topic of “who plays?” statistics are given that according to, Tehran in 1396 has seen about 3 million and 692 thousand digital game players. Out of that figure, 943 thousand were from the east district; which would be the biggest share; and following that are the south district with 918 thousand, the north district with 676 thousand, the central district with 639 thousand and the western region of Tehran which presented us with 516 thousand players.

According to the report “Tehran, Game City”, 47 percent of Tehranians play every day. The age average for this statistical population is 21 which is higher than the three provinces of Isfahan, Razavi Khorasan and Khuzestan.

The age average is 23 for north of Tehran, 22 for the east and the west districts, and 20 for the central Tehran. South of Tehran with the average of 17 years old, hosts the youngest demographic between the five districts of the city.

As the report goes, we find out that 67 percent of Tehranian gamers are male and the remaining 33 percent are female. Out of all the gamer population of Tehran, 78 percent are bachelors, 3 percent are married without children and 18 percent are married and have children.

The population was also studied based on their education status. 64 percent of the players don’t have diplomas, 13 percent have a diploma or have passed a college-preparatory school, 6 percent have associate degrees, 13 percent have bachelor degrees and the rest are masters, doctorates and above. It goes without saying that this list should be examined with different age groups in mind, because more than 60 percent of Tehranian gamers are underage children. We should also take into account the marital status of such gamers, with special attention given to the age average and the different age groups.

92 percent of Tehranians play video games

The “Tehran, Game City” report shows that the Tehranian gamers have a unique pattern of playing compared to other regions of the country. The number of console gamers in Tehran is considerably higher. Also, a greater portion of online gamers are situated in Tehran and tablets are especially more popular in this city.

In another section of the report, under the title of “what games do they play?” statistics are given that show 92 percent of Tehranian gamers play games on their mobile phones. Consoles are the runner-ups with a 32 percent share and PCs come in third with only 29 percent of market share.

The share of smartphones in this market is 77 percent and the share of the tablets is 37 percent. Also, 32 percent of Tehranian gamers play with their home consoles. Finally, 18 percent of this statistical population play on their personal computers and 16 percent use their laptops to play games. All the while the handheld consoles only take up 4 percent of the market.

Popular video game genres is another topic covered in the report. According to the published information in the “Tehran, Game City” report, in the year 1396, sports games are the most popular in Tehran. Racing games occupy the second position and puzzle games the highest play-rate after the first two. Shooter games and platformers/ runners are also present in the list for most popular games for Tehranians.

According to the statistics provided by the report, the most popular games in the city are still Clash of Clans. After that, PES and FIFA have the biggest user bases respectively. The names of Counter Strike and GTA V can also be seen in the top five of Tehran.

As another mentionable factor, the results show that 34 percent of Tehranian gamers pay close attention to the age ratings of video games, 27 take them into account on occasion and 39 percent of them still don’t pay attention to the ratings.