The fourth Iran Games League is going to be held from August 28 to September 7 in Tehran’s Milad Tower. In this year’s league, participants will compete with each other in 5 sports or titles, and one of the most exciting and popular titles, is quiz of kings. This game, which was present in the third round of annual IGL, went on to become the most popular game of the league. That enthusiastic welcome from fans, actually made the policy makers apply some changes to the process of signing up for the fourth league.

In an interview with Amirhosein Nateqi, the manager of the studio responsible for developing the game, we talked about the sign-up process for the fourth Iran Games League and the amount of the success of the game in garnering attention for this round of the tournament.

Q: How did people welcome Quiz of Kings last year and how much success do you predict it will get for this year around?

  • Last year it was amazing. Gamers showed a lot of love considering the amount of attention other games were getting. Last year, 3000 people signed up for Quiz of Kings and about 1000 people showed up in person for the contest. For this year, we predict to see 2000 people show up to participate in the competition.

Q: Let’s talk about how you can sign up for quiz of kings and how participants may visit the Milad tower and personally compete in the league?

  • Last year people signed up for it through buying tickets. This time, the process has changed. Before the final competition, two online levels will be added to the game. Those who can complete the online challenges may enter the final stage of the competition in Milad tower. We have designed two stages of challenges, so even those who aren’t able to participate in one, still have the opportunity to take up the other challenge for a shot at the final competition.

Q: What steps did you take to further increase the challenge of Quiz of Kings and what plans do you have in mind to attract more users to the game?

  • Parallel to the third Iran Games League, we added the group play function to Quiz of Kings and we saw that with time, the attraction to this part of our game increased. We have also planned for further changes to take place in the game in the next three months and to face gamers with more challenges. But in short, the main thing we did to deepen the engagement with our game, was to expand the challenges and their varieties.

Q: What prizes or giveaways have you planned for the winners of Quiz of Kings?

  • We actually do have some prizes in mind for people who participate in our game. Anyone who takes part in the preliminary challenges will receive a gift, even if they don’t get to finish them. As for those who do finish the challenges and receive tickets to visit the final competition, they will also be participated in a lottery to receive prizes of their own. Last but not least, those who get to go to the finale, will get the biggest prizes. The top winner will receive 25 million Tomans in cash, the runner-up will get 10 million Tomans and the third best player will receive 5 million Tomans.

Those who are interested in participating in the fourth Iran Games League may visit the link: