In the opening speech of the TGC 2018, the director of the National Computer Games Foundation described three strategies of the Foundation to help the Iranian games to be successful in the domestic and international markets.
According to the public relations of the Foundation, Hasan Karimi Qedoosi said: "Computer games are borderless and limitless, and no matter how hard various countries try to limit it, the industry will continue to evolve.”
 Adding that Iran is no exception as well in game making, he continued: "Today, we can proudly hold our head up and declare that, despite all the limitations of recent years, we are the largest player of this industry in the Middle East and North Africa region". We are announcing in TGC Today in TGC, as the largest educational and business event in the region, we are announcing that with the efforts of both you and us, these limitations will become less effective with your and our common efforts.
Director of the National Computer Games Foundation said: "The success of the gaming industry in the country is owed to the players who talked to their people with the language of game and are now ready to speak with the same very language with other countries in the world.
"You are not alone on this path," Karimi told the gamers and game makers. The horizons that the Foundation has portrayed with your help is clear and we want to have a maximum share of the domestic and global markets and keep our position as the largest producer of games in the Middle East and North Africa. In this way, three fundamental strategies will be pursued by the National Computer Games Foundation.

"Our industry needs transparent financial and non-financial support and professional training," he said, stating that the first strategy is to strengthen the domestic industry. You can visit the Hamgera Pavilion at the TGC and become familiar with the Foundations comprehensive and transparent system for boosting the industry. It takes more than a year to design the system and it inaugurates by the end of current Iranian calendar (Mid July).

Managing Director of the National Computer Games Foundation emphasized that holding joint international courses and the dispatching Iranian teams to foreign events will be seriously pursued with this year.
Karimi added that in a survey conducted in 1396, the latest statistics on the gaming industry have been extracted and the initial statistics have been published. He also said: “in the coming months, further analysis of the report will be provided to enable game makers to have smarter choices in making games.

He said to internationalize computer games industry along with preserving the local identity is the second strategy of the Foundation. He added, “ You can see the manifestation of this strategy in the TGC. I hope the Iranian game makers will take the opportunity of this event to benefit the gathering in the next 2 days and get familiar with international speakers and do the necessary networking to share their knowledge and experiences. the most successful companies in the area of computer games are the ones that create a huge network of domestic as well as international experts in which they constantly share their experiences.”
“It’s time to multiply our success in releasing foreign games," Karimi said, stressing that without entering the global markets, our gaming industry will not boom. Now this opportunity has been given to Iranian game makers to introduce their games in TGC to more than 20 international publishers and 50 foreign speakers.
Managing director of the National Computer Games Foundation said that the third strategy is to protect internal markets and added: "We have a duty to create competitive advantage for domestic players in competing with foreign game makers. To do so, 10 percent duty will be imposed on foreign made games and will contribute that amount to the development and quality of Iranian projects.