Geogrify's CEO and former director of International Game Developers Association (IGDA), arguing that the success in the computer games market does not relate to location, has advised Iranian game developers to embrace their abilities and rich culture rather than focusing on limitations and hindrances.

Kate Edwards who delivered speech as the keynote speaker of TGC 2018 at the opening ceremony of the event, said ”It is a great honor for me to come to Iran. I have always admired those who make games with love and passion and I respect you a lot”.

She added that during her 25 years in the gaming industry, of which 5 years served as IGDA CEO, I've been to various events around the world. One of the things I learned on these trips is that" location “ does not limit game making, and you do not have to live in a particular country to be able to develop a game." I've seen a lot of game developers who have learned by themselves how to develop a game and progressed.
"The other thing is that talent and genius always manifest themselves," Edwards continued. “Some think they are separated from the well known gaming nations and their games will never be published internationally. But it's not true. whether you're in France, in Niger or Iran or the United States, you can succeed. Be sure all the world's game developers have come up with the same stresses and concerns you have have for the success of their games.

Managing Director Geogrify continued: Many Americans think Angry Birds was made in the US, but the game has been developed in Finland. In fact, it does not matter at all whether the game made in Finland or the United States, talent presents itself and becomes a global game.

The former director of the International Game Developers Association advised Iranian game developers: “ embrace your culture. Ancient Iran has been the beginning of many games in the world, and many successful Asian countries do not have such a history. You also have mythological characters such as Cyrus or Arash. Maybe you ask the Iranians know these characters, why should I make a game about them? But I’ll tell you that the people of the world are unaware of the history of these heroes. The Chinese are well inspired by their stories and civilization in their successful games, and you must also be inspired by your culture".

She added: “you do not have to be like American or Finn developers to be a successful one. Try to be yourself and stick to your abilities. Everyone has the ability and talent, and the key to this is paying attention to this very important issue”.
Edwards further said: “Would it be said that Picasso's painting is more beautiful or the painting by Da Vinci. Both artists have many fans and enthusiasts in the world. Everyone has his/her own style in developing game, and we can not say which one is better. Incidentally, these differences make us a stronger game developers”.

Managing director Geogrify, quoting Mark Twain, "Comparison is the death of happiness," said: "Do not compare yourself with others and focus on your work."
Stating that human history started by drawing on the walls of the caves, she added: ”Throughout history, human communication has evolved and progressed by language, writing, telephone, radio and digital media, and now humanity has reached to computer games. In fact, we are writing the next narrative of human history, and this is a great and, of course, exciting responsibility.”
Adding that we should be proud of what we are doing, Edwards said: "The revenue of the gaming industry in the world last year was higher than the total income of all professional sports, and this shows that our work has many economic, cultural and social effects."
In the end, Geogrify CEO emphasized: “ Our goal should not be to change the world with a game. But we can impact on part of the world and improve our environment. In this way, knowledge sharing is a very important and influential issue.