Iran digital games industry has found its path to make progress step by step. Large-scale events such as TGC,TGF, IGL, and DGRC have provided a vast field for this creative industry in various aspects in Iran. Iranian game developers are located in the brightest historical period of their competition in the international market by far. International market penetration and presence in the unsaturated local market based upon a sustainable competitive advantage are two main drivers for game developers to develop high-quality
 games. A powerful network of researchers in different academic disciplines is forming in order to upgrade the knowledge base of the industry. Essential infrastructure has been established for knowledge and technology
 transfer. Gradually, investors are attracted to the rapid acceleration in digital games economic growth and other potentials of this media industry. The emergence of creative and young brands has led to forming a
 fresh game journalism that plays a key role in the industrial development. In this situation, periodic and regular surveys can help drawing digital games consumption status and measuring consumption trend changes.
 The Landscape Report 2018 is an abstract of national survey results that have conducted by DIREC at the beginning of 2018.

How This Research Has Been Done?

Information which is available in this report is analyzed based on the national survey conducted by DIREC throughout Islamic Republic of Iran with the sample size of 8000. For conducting an accurate survey, a compound sampling “Stratifed-Multistage Clustering” is implemented which comprises
 metropolitans, cities, and rural areas. Also, in order to facilitate to read this report, all statistics and numbers are rounded as much as possible.
 “2017 Landscape” report shares the most important Iranian gamers’ information in the year 2017. It must be noticed that a “gamer” is a person who plays the digital game at least one hour in a week with at least one of the main game platforms including Mobile, Console, and Computer.

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