Pierre Pilon, communication trainer at Ubisoft in Montreal, will be arriving in Iran in the very near future to put on a specialized workshop on how to pitch your project and design to international publishers- his workshop begins March 9, 2017.

According to Iran Computer and Video Game Foundation PR, how to present your design or game to publishers and investors is known as “pitching”; it is common business style to give short concise descriptions, however, because most domestic game developers have not had access to international publishers, they lack the proper experience on how to pitch a game.

Given the goal of bringing a significant number of international publishers and buyers to the TGC exhibition; for this reason, and because of support by the Iran Game Development Institute, this workshop has been provided to familiarize game developers with pitching their project on an internationally level.

In this workshop a real life presentation opportunity will be simulated for participants to speak about their idea or project. Part of the workshop will be on theory and the other will allow for a dialogue to take place between professor and participants, which will include role playing with guidance from the professor. 

Course Topics

Theoretical Instruction:

  • Communicating effectively
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Preparation
  • The importance of visual aids
  • Managing stress
  • Answering questions appropriately

Exercises (according to need):

  • Making a Power Point presentation
  • Addressing a large group
  • Speaking ‘off-the-cuff’
  • Television interviews or presentations
  • Meeting a selection committee
  • Testifying before a parliamentary commission
  • Responding to difficult questions

Meet Pierre Pilon

Pierre Pilon, is an expert in communications, with 20 years of experience in Canada’s radio and television. During that time he worked as a reporter, host, producer and executive producer and in addition to these activities he was the director of various organizations in the capacity of providing effective communication training.

He is currently a member of the International Association of Business Communicators (AIPC-IABC) and is also active as a trainer for the game developing company Ubisoft Montreal. He is also a certified trainer with Emploi-Québec. He has taught journalism and public speaking at Université de Montréal and has been a guest speaker for UQAM’s Executive MBA program.

Cost and Registration

The original cost of the workshop is thousand tomans; 50% will be covered by the Iran Computer and Video Game Foundation, and enthusiast pay 100 thousand. In addition those who register by February 23, 2017, will receive another discount, and with 70 thousand tomans can become participants of this workshop.

Opportunity to register for this workshop is open until March 8, 2017 via https://evand.com/events/pitchworkshop.