Issue-licensing of computer games

Issue-licensing of computer games


Service Introduction

Iranian game release license

The publisher or producer of the game sends a letter of request for the release license along with two copies of the source and the video game to the Ministry of deputy supervision and sent to the unit after the approval of the game supervisor to review the content and receive a category of age.

Licensed release of foreign game

After the publication of the meeting, each publisher will send a letter of request for a license, accompanied by two copies of the license to the company's seal for the supervisor, and, after approval by the deputy supervisory board, to sort the content and receive the age rating into the unit. If the game needs to be edited, after correction of the edits and determination of the age by the unit, and after approval by the supervisor, the issuance of the license is issued. Also, if there is no need for editing after the approval of the supervisor, approval is issued to issue a license.