Service Introduction

Hamgara supportive structure was born in 2017 in order to converge the support of the National Game Foundation in various fields of the game industry! In concert with a long experience, we bring the players into the pathof success and give them what they need to grow.



For Hamgara membership, in the intervals announced by us, enter the portal section at  portal.ircg.ir and register through the company or team information in the Hamgara supportive structure tab. Hamgara membership requires specific preconditions that will be made public every year. Hamgara enrollment occurs only in the summer of the year, and after an assessmentperiod, the enrollment will be ranked in seven different rankings and theallocation of support from the winter will begin each year. More information can be found on the Hamgara website.


Update: To get the latest news from Hamgara, visit the website attachment on this page.

Hamgara Supportive Structure

Portal Registration Instruction