Corridor is a 3D first-person shooter game with a suspenseful atmosphere, and a gameplay based on solving various puzzles. Through your excursions in unfamiliar hallways you will obtain various tools you need to solve the puzzles. Through-out the game you may carry multiple items with you and when the time comes use whichever one you need. You will also be required to use your weapon, as the corridors are nested with serious dangers.

The game story takes place in 1978 and in order to gain more information you have to follow the clues and put together the puzzle pieces of the story. Corridor, has about a thousand lines of dialogue in addition to English and Farsi subtitles, as well as audio for both. Corridor, has been designed in such a way that even an average phone will have no problem running the game, and despite having 3D graphics it doesn’t require high-end hardware.