Warriors is a story of Ahura and Ahriman forming a treaty to not invade the other’s territory, but Ahriman betrays this agreement and enters Ahura’s dominion. Ahura’s forces hold ground against this invasion, and Ahriman suffers total loss and defeat. But because Ahriman is not able to accept failure, by using the spell of champions and heroes, he causes Ahura’s forces to turn against each other.

This relatively short but fascinating story, includes an excellent gameplay feature that allows the gamer to appear as well-known Iranian heroic and mythological figures throughout the course of the game.

Warriors is a 2D fighter game and has changed from its first version to include 6 characters, 2D space and 30 levels. Furthermore, in the months ahead we will release an update that will include even more characters, along with online playing capability.

It should be added, all game characters’ external attributes can be customized to create the players ideal character.